Добре дошли в bg games тук ще намерите повече от 1000 различни флаш игрички в 6 различни категории, нашият екип се грижи за това постоянно да има качествени игри, на които да играете ;)

bg games ще се погрижи да зодоволи вашите геймърски нужди



Защо трябва да се занимаваш в разни трудни за разбиране сайтове когато просто ти се играе една игра. Едно кликане и играеш игри - никога досега да си пуснеш игра не е било толкова лесно и бързо:)

Съжаляваме ако в имате проблем с някоя игра, или мислите че е тъпа или безмислена :). Нашият сайт е все още млад, а ние имаме огромна база данни от игри, и нашият екип все още подбира само най-добрите игри, за да можете да си изкарате хубаво време в bg games ;)

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Igri играй игра безплатни деца gams online flash free gamse cool. Безплатни detski със детски карти пъзели arcade login fun logic

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Live the dream of owning and operating your own successful winemaking empire!bg games igri igra deca
Gary the mole has to collect falling gems to pave his road to success and into the heart of sweet Angela. Can you help a mole out?bg games igri igra deca
A massive flood has invaded Cindy’s magical world, and she needs your help to save the Flooded Kingdom! Clean up all the junk!bg games igri igra deca
Help Cher and her friends achieve the title of "fashion goddess" while attracting the perfect boyfriends!bg games igri igra deca
An unexpected storm has left you shipwrecked on a remote private island. Find a way to Escape Rosecliff Island!bg games igri igra deca
Play billions of sudoku puzzles on your computer! Specify your difficulty setting from Very Easy to Very Hard and choose from a variety of different board sizes!bg games igri igra deca
Cast your line in colorful locations and catch all kinds of fish! Earn points and climb to the top of the rankings.bg games igri igra deca
An unexpected storm has left you shipwrecked! Seek and find cleverly hidden objects and solve puzzles to find a way off the island!bg games igri igra deca
Relax and enjoy a peaceful game of Mahjong with soothing music and beautiful background graphics.bg games igri igra deca
Win over Jasmine, the frog princess of your dreams, by competing in a variety of minigames and earning coins.bg games igri igra deca
Explore a fantastic aquatic world of seashells, fish and more in this underwater puzzler! Collect the treasures as you dive from map to map!bg games igri igra deca
Follow John and Mary as they travel around the world and solve exciting matching games! Collect tons of souvenirs!bg games igri igra deca
Solve the mystery of this beautiful island and dive into the ruins of the ancient Mayan sites of the Caribbean!bg games igri igra deca
A cruel witch has kidnapped Nicky's grandfather and locked him in a dark dungeon. She hopes the old man will give her the magical secrets of the forest tribe of which he is the guardian. Help Nicky free his grandfather today!bg games igri igra deca
Fix the errors in time in this Hidden Object game! Explore historical sites and find misplaced objects scattered through time.bg games igri igra deca
Miss Teri Tale is trying her hand at politics... and looking into the heart of Peeking Town's secrets. Who will be elected mayor?bg games igri igra deca
Help James, a young talented private detective, find a stolen treasure map and solve the case in this Hidden Object game!bg games igri igra deca
Bring back the light into a world that lies in darkness. Step up to the challenge and become the liberator of the Elvenland!bg games igri igra deca
Discover the secrets of an ancient relic using your Match 3 skills! Summon powerful lightning storms to help you clear the board.bg games igri igra deca
Anna has decided to take on the BigCo ice cream corporation, but needs your help to scoop and serve her way to success!bg games igri igra deca
Collect elements, cast spells and defeat ferocious guardians in your quest to return life to a fairy-tale realm!bg games igri igra deca
Match similar dragon eggs to unlock powerful spells and other power-ups. Move the rows and columns to chain together matches.bg games igri igra deca
Armed only with an old ice cream truck and the wisdom of her grandma, guide Anna through the challenges of ice cream success!bg games igri igra deca
Rescue your chicks from the BBQ as you blast your way though 119 levels of this spectacular breakout game!bg games igri igra deca
Use your detective skills to uncover hidden objects and halt a cryptic crime spree! Gather clues and explore crime scenes.bg games igri igra deca
Become The Alchemist’s Apprentice in this exciting Hidden Object and Match 3 game and find the legendary Philosopher’s Stone!bg games igri igra deca
Help Alisa and Rudy, a magician and a gnomish builder, rebuild their destroyed world from the ground up! Wonderburg needs you!bg games igri igra deca
Help Anna unravel an intriguing mystery that reaches as far back as ancient Egypt, all the way up to Victorian France.bg games igri igra deca
Help Alisa and Rudy, a magician and a gnomish builder, rebuild their destroyed world from the ground up! Wonderburg needs you!bg games igri igra deca
Slip into your wetsuit in the name of science! This underwater puzzler is bound to have you dreaming of the wide open ocean!bg games igri igra deca
Work your way to the top of the McMoo-Moos Corporation as you build burgers, dish out dessert, and keep your customers happy!bg games igri igra deca
How well do you think you could spend one million dollars? Go on a million dollar spending spree and find out in Annie's Million's, an engaging hidden object challenge!bg games igri igra deca
Two sisters are about to go on the strangest vacation of their lives as they challenge the Gods in this Meso-American hidden object adventure!bg games igri igra deca
Help Eve find her missing father and learn all about The Legend of Crystal Valley! Solve complex puzzles in this Adventure game.bg games igri igra deca
Take a vacation through a beautiful and challenging amusement park in this tricky Puzzle game!bg games igri igra deca
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Explore a jungle full of Wildcard surprises and a mischevious monkey, now with two new symbols.bg games igri igra deca
Avast me beauties! Join the crazy, colorful Bird Buccaneers as they sail through the Caribbean on their exciting adventures!bg games igri igra deca
Larry's back, and a bundle of new surprises await you the moment you step over the threshold of the fabulous House of Wonders!bg games igri igra deca
Romopolis is a strategy game with highly addictive gameplay. Work your way to the top through the campaign mode!bg games igri igra deca
CSI: NY needs your help to crack some of the most bizarre cases ever! Piece together clues and bring criminals to justice.bg games igri igra deca
Bring France out of a funk by performing amazing feats. Soar, loop and perform daring stunts to inspire the audience!bg games igri igra deca
Featuring all new enemies, along with a ton of new extras and puzzles, this is a must have for fans and newcomers alike!bg games igri igra deca
Be a King and create your empire from scratch! Build and maintain villages, towns, and even big cities, as you rule the land.bg games igri igra deca
Destroy colored spheres and upgrade bonus items to new levels of destructive power as you explore a breathtaking fantasy world. Strategy and action come together like never before in Sky Kingdom, an explosively fun match-three marble-popper!bg games igri igra deca
Will you go back to high school as the beloved peacemaker, or with plans for total domination? It’s time to decide!bg games igri igra deca
Join Angela and her cat Felix to unlock the secrets of dreams in this fun game packed with colorful scenes and original mini games!bg games igri igra deca
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Collect power-up pearls and reveal the magic spells as you restore harmony to nature by finding the lost amulets!bg games igri igra deca
Help Wonderland shine with new splendor in a magically entertaining puzzle